Hygene Air and Double (AIR/water) line
Europe Industrial Invention patent 2 433 909 and Europe Industrial Invention patent 2 010 828

The HYGENE AIR AND DOUBLE line (AIR/WATER) is a portable, patented and innovative system to guarantee the microbiological safety of the air, water, environments and surfaces.

The HYGENE AIR and DOUBLE line thanks to its exclusive ozone operating system, attacks the various organic compounds by oxidizing and inactivating them (mites, bacteria, fungi, molds, viruses e.g. Legionnaire’s disease).

The exclusive EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL INVENTION PATENT guarantees the production, control and reconversion of ozone at the end of the treatment cycle, in full compliance with current regulations.

Easy to use and programmable via a TOUCH SCREEN with 5 pre-set cycles and a customizable sixth to solve every need.

The on board Plc guarantees the signaling of any functional fault, a block if the operating conditions are not suitable (high ambient temperature) or if the air filters are dirty.

It is possible to program the start of the equipment at a precise time without the need for the operator!

It is possible to set up a saniting cyles number block, efficient expecially in case of device rental.

Moreover HYGENE AIR and DOUBLE at the end of the sanitization cycle, allows to perfume the environment with interchangeable natural essences cartridge that can be insert in a specific space.

The HYGENE AIR and DOUBLE can be programmed for a sanitization cycle when the room to be treated is unoccupied:
a) Corona discharge ozone production system.
b) Catalyzation of excess ozone (re-conversion to oxygen).
HYGENE AIR and DOUBLE units are manageable and can be easily moved for all needs.

cars, campers, caravans, houses, kitchens, restaurants, clinics, doctors’ offices, veterinary clinics, wellness centres, hotel rooms, yacht.

The HYGENE AIR and DOUBLE line is equipped with a selector/switch that excludes the functionality for the air, allowing it to be used for water.
In this way, it will be possible to inject the ozone into the water through a microporous terminal to be placed under water head.
The added water with ozone can be used as a natural disinfectant that leave no residual.
To sanitize fruit, vegetables, knives, cutting boards or any other desired object in a simple and functional way (even in a sink).
The TOUCH SCREEN located on the front of the equipment serves to program the treatment time in proportion to the volume of water treated ( recommended times can be found in the instruction manual).


  • Improvement and simplification of systems for HACCP and microbiological risk of the Legislative Decree 81, 09/04/08;
  • Replaces the chemicals necessary to neutralize microbiological risk and reach the required standards of hygene;
  • Reduces/eliminates chemical residues in the air and on surfaces;
  • Guarantees inactivation of bacteria, molds and yeasts on surfaces and areas of the room (as ceilings) that are hard to reach with other systems;
  • Eliminates undesirable odors even in the presence of people during working hours (e.g. smoke);
  • Reduces costs and labor for sanitizing rooms;
  • Dispenses a natural room fragrance.


HYGENE AIR 15: generally for vehicle (max 15mc)
HYGENE AIR 50: for medium/small spaces (MAX 50MC). Also available in the version DOUBLE AIR/WATER
HYGENE AIR 200: for medium/big spaces (max 200mc). Also available in the version DOUBLE air/water
HYGENE AIR 300: for medium/big spaces (max 300mc). With highly efficient centrifugal ventilation system.